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Re: Help needed with a stubborn Gateway box!

On Fri, 27 Mar 2015, wrote:

  You can always start with the NetBSD-{ver}-amd64-install.img.gz or
NetBSD-{ver}-amd64-live-sd0root.img.gz image, which boot off USB fine.

Hmmm, I don't seem to find that file on nyftp's daily builds...

FWIW, I just tried to boot a cleanly-burned FreeDOS 1.1 install image, and it fails to boot on the Gateway box, too. It seems that when there is only one device with a (what the BIOS considers to be) "valid" boot block, you cannot even use F12 to request the Boot Device Menu; it just boots the only "valid" device.

Also FWIW, this does not seem to be a UEFI machine. The BIOS seems to work just like all the old BIOSs from before, with text windows and arrow-key cursor selections - no GUI, no mouse.

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