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Re: Bug in nvi: Adding Tags to the stack, removing, then re-adding causes Segmentation Fault

In article <14E87758ADB246A58C5FAE0359DE5506@WilliamTHINK>,
William D. Jones <> wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm attempting to debug a problem with the NetBSD version of nvi, and would 
>like some feedback on how to progress from here. Specifically, I am able to 
>consistently crash nvi under two circumstances:
>1. Run the mkexrc command with a file name after opening. SIGABRT is 

I fixed that.

>2. For a given C source tree, run ctags -t path/to/*.c path/to/*.h. Open 
>nvi. Position the cursor over a tag, press ^], then ^T twice, or ^T, then 
>^]. nvi will segfault (near) consistently. This behavior can also be 
>duplicated using the corresponding cscope commands in ex (either :tagpop or 
>:cs fi [search type] [tag] will also cause a segfault).

I can't reproduce this, can you provide an exact recipe?



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