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Re: New 'config' pulls in undesired subsystems

Sorry, that "no wsdisplay" was my future _plan_, not suggestion.  It
doesn't work yet.

I'm really impressed by people's craftmanship to reduce kernel size by
enumerating uncountable "no" options.  But I want to make it much
simpler and easier to use.  I hope you will not complain.

On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 9:15 PM, John D. Baker <> wrote:
> Un-modularizing wscons via this commit:
> fixed the issue for my sparc custom kernels.  Prior to that, I'd tried
> what was suggested in the commit message, but it appears that if one
> uses an enumerator one must also specify the attachment.  So,
>   no wsdisplay*
> causes 'config' to complain about "unknown attachment" while
>   no wsdisplay
> was accepted (but failed to exclude wsdisplay).
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