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Re: New 'config' pulls in undesired subsystems

On Thu, 16 Oct 2014, John D. Baker wrote:

> I've taken to using a "differential" approach to kernel configurations
> including "GENERIC" (or other appropriate stock configuration) and
> disabling unneeded items with the "no foo at bar", "no options FOOOPTION"
> convention.
> So I have all the framebuffers, keyboard, mouse, (and associated zs,
> zstty) drivers excluded along with their wskbd, wsdisplay, wsmux, wsfont
> (pseudo-)devices as well as all WSXXX-related options.  I've been using
> this mechanism (and these same config files, with minor tweaks) since
> about mid-way between the release of netbsd-5 and netbsd-6.

Here is the kernel config for the machine in the previous message:

# AURORA - SS5-85 (old HALLORAN)
include 	"arch/sparc/conf/GENERIC"
makeoptions     CPUFLAGS="-mcpu=v8"
maxusers	16
no options 	SUN4		# sun4/100, sun4/200, sun4/300
no options 	SUN4C		# sun4c - SS1, 1+, 2, ELC, SLC, IPC, IPX, etc.
no options 	SUN4D		# sun4d - SS1000, SC2000
no options 	SUN4_MMU3L	# sun4/400 3-level MMU
options 	BLINK
options 	WSEMUL_NO_DUMB	# suppress default dumb terminal emulation
no options	WSEMUL_VT100
no options	WS_DEFAULT_FG
no options	WS_DEFAULT_BG
no options	WS_KERNEL_FG
no options	WS_KERNEL_BG
no options	FONT_GALLANT12x22       # the console font
no options	FONT_BOLD8x16           # a somewhat smaller font
no options 	COMPAT_43	# 4.3BSD system interfaces
no options 	COMPAT_10	# NetBSD 1.0 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_11	# NetBSD 1.1 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_12	# NetBSD 1.2 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_13	# NetBSD 1.3 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_14	# NetBSD 1.4 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_15	# NetBSD 1.5 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_16	# NetBSD 1.6 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_20	# NetBSD 2.0 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_30	# NetBSD 3.0 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_40	# NetBSD 4.0 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_50	# NetBSD 5.0 binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_60	# NetBSD 6.0, and
no options 	COMPAT_SUNOS	# SunOS 4.x binary compatibility
no options 	COMPAT_SVR4	# SunOS 5.x binary compatibility
no file-system	MFS		# memory-based filesystem
no file-system	CODA		# Coda File System; also needs vcoda (below)
file-system	SMBFS		# SMB filesystem; also needs nsmb (below)
file-system 	HFS		# experimental - Apple HFS+ (read-only)
file-system 	ADOSFS		# AmigaDOS file system
options 	FFS_EI		# FFS Endian Independent support
options 	APPLE_UFS	# Apple flavor of UFS
options 	IPSEC		# IP security
options 	IPSEC_ESP	# IP security (encryption part; define w/IPSEC)
#options 	IPSEC_NAT_T	# IPsec NAT traversal (NAT-T)
options 	ISO,TPIP	# OSI networking
options 	EON		# OSI tunneling over IP
options 	NETATALK	# AppleTalk (over Ethernet) protocol
no options 	IPFILTER_LOG	# Add ipmon(8) logging for ipfilter device
no options 	IPFILTER_LOOKUP	# ippool(8) support
no cpuunit0	at mainbus0				# sun4d
no cpuunit*	at mainbus0				# sun4d
no cpu0	at cpuunit0					# sun4d
no sbus0	at mainbus0					# sun4c
no sparcvme0	at mainbus0				# sun4
no sparcvme0	at iommu0				# sun4m
no vme0	at sparcvme0					# MI VME attachment
no bootbus0	at cpuunit0				# sun4d
no bootbus*	at cpuunit?				# sun4d
no xbox*	at sbus? 
no sbus*	at xbox?
no nell*	at sbus? 		# PCMCIA bridge
no pcmcia*	at nell?
no tslot*	at sbus? 		# PCMCIA bridge (tadpole 3gx)
no pcmcia*	at tslot?
no auxreg0	at mainbus0					# sun4c
no auxiotwo0 at obio0					# only on Tadpole SPARCbook.
no clock0	at mainbus0					# sun4c
no clock0	at obio0 		# sun4/300
no clock0	at bootbus0					# sun4d
no oclock0	at obio0 		# sun4/200
no oclock0	at obio0 		# sun4/100
no memreg0	at mainbus0					# sun4c
no memreg0	at obio0 		# sun4/200 and sun4/300
no memreg0	at obio0 		# sun4/100
no timer0	at mainbus0					# sun4c
no timer0	at obio0 		# sun4/300
no eeprom0	at obio0 		# sun4/200
no eeprom0	at obio0 		# sun4/100
no zs0	at mainbus0						# sun4c
no zs0	at obio0 		# sun4/200 and sun4/300
no zs0	at obio0 		# sun4/100
no zs0	at bootbus0						# sun4d
no zs1	at mainbus0						# sun4c
no zs1	at obio0						# sun4m
no zs1	at obio0 		# sun4/200 and sun4/300
no zs1	at obio0 		# sun4/100
no zs1	at bootbus0						# sun4d
no kbd0	at zstty?		# keyboard
no ms0	at zstty? 		# mouse
no wskbd*	at wskbddev?
no wsmouse* 	at wsmousedev?
no zs2	at obio0 		# sun4/300
no zstty2	at zs2 				# ttyc
no zstty3	at zs2 				# ttyd
no zs*	at bootbus?						# sun4d
no zstty*	at zs?
no com*	at obio0						# sun4m
no magma*	at sbus? 
no mtty*	at magma?
no mbpp*	at magma?
no spif*  at sbus? 
no stty*  at spif?
no sbpp*  at spif?
no dma0	at obio0 		# sun4/300
no esp0	at obio0 	# sun4/300
no esp0	at sbus0 		# sun4c
no esp*	at sbus? 		# SBus
# Nail down these bus/controller attachments
scsibus0 at esp0
isp0	at sbus? slot ? offset ?
scsibus1 at isp0
no si0	at vme0 
no scsibus* at si?
no sw0	at obio0 
no scsibus* at sw?
# Nail down these disk IDs so RAID doesn't break
sd0 at scsibus0 target 1  lun 0
sd1 at scsibus1 target 0  lun 0
sd2 at scsibus1 target 12 lun 0
no xdc0	at vme0 
no xdc1	at vme0 
no xdc2	at vme0 
no xdc3	at vme0 
no xd*	at xdc? 
no xyc0	at vme0 
no xyc1	at vme0 
no xy*	at xyc? 
no fdc0	at mainbus0					# sun4c controller
no fdc0	at obio0					# sun4m controller
no fd*	at fdc0						# the drive itself
options 	VND_COMPRESSION		# compressed vnd(4)
pseudo-device	cgd	4
no pseudo-device	raid
pseudo-device	raid	4
options 	RF_INCLUDE_RAID5_RS=1
no le0		at obio0 	# sun4/300
no le0		at sbus0 		# sun4c on-board
no le*		at sbus? 		# SBus
no ledma*		at sbus? 		# SBus
no le*		at ledma?					# SBus
no lebuffer0	at sbus? 		# SBus
no le0		at lebuffer?					# SBus
no ie0	at obio0 		# sun4/200 on-board
no ie0	at obio0 		# sun4/100 on-board
no ie1	at vme0 
no ie2	at vme0 
no ie3	at vme0 
no ie4	at vme0 
no qe*	at qec?						# Mace Ethernet (10MBd)
no en0	at sbus? 
no exphy*	at mii? 			# 3Com internal PHYs
no icsphy*	at mii? 			# Integrated Circuit Systems ICS189x
no inphy*	at mii? 			# Intel 82555 PHYs
no lxtphy*	at mii? 			# Level One LXT-970 PHYs
no qsphy*	at mii? 			# Quality Semiconductor QS6612 PHYs
no sqphy*	at mii? 			# Seeq 80220/80221/80223 PHYs
no tlphy*	at mii? 			# ThunderLAN PHYs
no ukphy*	at mii? 			# generic unknown PHYs
no pseudo-device	sl	
no pseudo-device	pppoe
pseudo-device	gre			# generic L3 over IP tunnel
no pseudo-device	ipfilter
no pseudo-device	vlan
no pseudo-device	bridge
no pseudo-device	agr				# IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation
no audioamd0	at mainbus0					# sun4c
no audioamd0	at obio0					# sun4m
no audioamd0	at sbus0 		# sun4m
no dbri*		at sbus? 		# SUNW,DBRI[s3|e]
no bwtwo0		at sbus0 		# sun4c and sun4m
no bwtwo*		at sbus? 		#
no bwtwo0		at obio0 	# sun4/200
no bwtwo0		at obio0 	# sun4/300 in P4 slot
no bwtwo0		at obio0 	# sun4/100 in P4 slot
no cgthree0	at sbus? 
no cgthree*	at sbus? 
no cgsix0		at sbus? 
no cgsix*		at sbus? 
no cgsix0		at obio0 	# sun4/300 P4
no cgsix0		at obio0 	# sun4/100 P4
no tcx0		at sbus? 
no cgtwelve*	at sbus?
no cgfourteen*	at obio0				# sun4m
no pnozz0		at sbus? 
no options PNOZZ_USE_LATCH
no zx*		at sbus? 
no agten*	at sbus?
no genfb*	at sbus?
no wsdisplay0	at wsemuldisplaydev?
no wsdisplay*	at wsemuldisplaydev?
no tctrl0 at obio0
no pseudo-device	vcoda		# coda minicache <-> venus comm.
pseudo-device	pf			# PF packet filter
pseudo-device	pflog			# PF log if
no pseudo-device	wsmux			# mouse and keyboard multiplexor
no pseudo-device	wsfont
pseudo-device	nsmb			# needed for SMBFS (above)
options	FILEASSOC		# fileassoc(9)
pseudo-device	veriexec		1
options PAX_MPROTECT=0			# PaX mprotect(2) restrictions
options PAX_ASLR=0		# PaX Address Space Layout Randomization

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