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Re: Removing openldap?


> lukem imported openldap into NetBSD in 2008 and had big plans for
> working on it, but they didn't materialize; and as I understood him
> last weekend, he doesn't have these plans any longer. (Correct me if
> I'm wrong, Luke.)
> I think there is no particular need to have openldap in the base
> system; I don't see any particular integration, and it puts more
> burden of maintenance on us. I think that installing openldap from
> pkgsrc should be good enough.
> So I suggest removing it from the base system.
> Comments welcome!
> Thomas

I want to keep it in base, I use LDAP a lot, I was even about to commit a Lua LDAP binding.

Actually lukem and I are working on a project that could make heavy and good use of LDAP.

So please leave it in the tree, and I hereby volunteer to maintain it (client and server parts).

- Marc

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