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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

> On Dec 17,  1:16pm, "Thomas Mueller" wrote:
> } > A clean build with no special options means at least this:
> }   * clean source tree, with no extra or modified files (it might be
> }     easiest to delete everything and check out a clean source tree);
> }   * no left over output files or temporary files from previous build
> }     attempts, such as TOOLDIR, RELEASEDIR, DESTDIR, or obj dirs;
> }   * no /etc/mk.conf or similar file;
> }   * no -V options passed to;
> }   * no environment variables that are intended to affect the build.
> } --apb (Alan Barrett)
> } I thought of cleaning out the entire src tree and
> } redownloading/re-cvs'ing, but John Nemeth didn't think that necessary.
>      That's not what I said/meant.  I said that when people say
> that tools should be cleaned out they mean TOOLDIR.
>      However, if your src tree is corrupt in some manner, it can
> cause build failures.  This is a seperate issue from where tools
> needs to be cleaned out.  Given all the build problems that you've
> been having, deleting and redownloading src is likely to be a good
> idea.  It may not help, but it won't hurt, and it eliminates one
> potential problem area.

> } I need /etc/mk.conf for pkgsrc though it apparently plays no role
> } in system builds.

>      As others have said, this is not true.  /etc/mk.conf will affect
> builds.  You should adjust your file to look like:

> #if BSD_PKG_MK
> <pkgsrc stuff>
> #endif

> } I never set -j1, though I've omitted this parameter a few times,
> } and it made no apparent difference.
> } FreeBSD advises not using such a parameter on system builds, so
> } I could follow this advice for NetBSD too.

>      Who cares what they advise.  You're not building FreeBSD,
> you're building NetBSD, and using a NetBSD host to do so.  FreeBSD
> building instructions/advice is not applicable in any way, shape,
> or form.

> } Reason for the subject line with mpc, gmp and mpfr was the belief
> } that partial update might be screwing the build.

>      This suggestion has been proven false by the fact that many
> people have no problem building the system (I built it myself a
> few days ago).  There are official builds happening regularly on
> the automated build cluster.

Thanks to you and others, too much to quote, for suggestions.

I could and probably will omit -j parameter with, and might try
to build for i386.

I just looked in NetBSD's /etc/mk.conf and found the lines
with pkgsrc stuff in between, so those lines are still there.

But in the logs for daily builds on

I notice -j11, which would look to be too much for my CPU.

Many successful builds, but netbsd-5-2 just had 3 ok, 52 failed, so even the
stable branches don't succeed all the time.

It is possible not only that my src tree might be corrupted but also that
my NetBSD installation on USB stick might be corrupted.

I could define a separate /etc/makenetbsd.conf with changeable options to
be used some of the time.

I must bear in mind that FreeBSD is much stabler than NetBSD on my hardware.
Only thing I can think of that works better in NetBSD than FreeBSD on 
MSI Z77 MPOWER motherboard is re(4) Ethernet: also good in Linux 
(System Rescue CD 3.6.0) but fails to connect with OpenBSD 5.4 and
DragonFlyBSD 3.6.0, which are their latest releases.

I originally built NetBSD system from FreeBSD 9.1_STABLE (md64 now at 9.2) using
base gcc 4.2.1, the latest gcc before switch to GPL3 license.  I succeeded
better than half the time for i386 but rarely for building NetBSD amd64.

Now I think I could use a newer gcc from FreeBSD ports if I choose or need to
cross-compile NetBSD from FreeBSD.

I always use to build NetBSD system, have never used make directly for
that purpose.

I could also try to build from a USB-stick installation of NetBSD 6.1_STABLE,
amd64 or i386.

Now busy with FreeBSD and some other things, there might be some delay getting 
back to NetBSD.


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