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Re: Choosing ordering of pseudo-interface config

    Date:        Wed, 11 Dec 2013 15:08:29 -0500

  | It would be a useful shortcut to have each file
  | PROVIDE its basename implicitly.

If literally that, then as an option to rcorder, it shouldn't be
too hard I'd think - even to have that implicit PROVIDE apply only
when there isn't an explicit one, which might be better (more generally 

But for use here, probably not worth the bother - first, because there
typically are only a fairly small number of files involved, and if you're
going to edit any of them to add REQUIRE or BEFORE keywords, you might
as well edit all, and add PROVIDE as well (that step only needs to be done
once...) - and particularly, because the basename here (using basename would
be a reasonable choice) would give you
        PROVIDE: ifconfig.vlan0
and while there's be nothing wrong with that, we could then
        REQUIRE: ifconfig.vlan0
but once you see it that way, it doesn't look nearly as attractive...
"Fixing" that would mean rcorder would need some method to tell it how to
extract the keyword from the basename, and doing all the work for that just
to avoid a little one off editing, seems a bit much.

Of course, there could be other places where this could be used, and be
useful, just I don't think the interface config order use is the one that
should motivate it.


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