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Re: READ ME: updating mpc, mpfr, and eventually gmp

> > Last failure was on gmp, which later built successfully as a dependency 
> > from pkgsrc.
> ah, i see the confusion here.
> my post was *only* about the in-tree gmp/mpfr/mpc that we use
> for the in-tree gcc and for building netbsd, and has nothing
> to do with the versions in pkgsrc.  i don't maintain the pkgsrc
> versions and i don't know about them beyond installing sometimes.
> generally does not use any locally installed software
> besidse $CC, $CXX and -lz, and the latter really should be fixed.
> we only want to depend upon local C and C++ compiler (and other
> sundry items, but only for bootstrapping the real tools.)

> .mrg.

I noticed that the current base gmp/mpfr/mpc were the same versions as in 
though the latter package in pkgsrc is listed as mpcomplex in category math.

I tried to cross-compile NetBSD-current from FreeBSD-current with clang, but 
that failed.

It wasn't really supposed to work anyway.

Next is to try building from NetBSD-6.1_STABLE if that boots.

If that fails, then FreeBSD 9.2_STABLE with gcc-aux.


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