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Re: READ ME: updating mpc, mpfr, and eventually gmp

> > This is in particular a sudden inability to build NetBSD-current from 
> > source.

> could you be more explicit about what is failing?  there
> shouldn't be any issues remaining, but some types of
> failure modes require cleaning out your build/obj trees,
> and won't go away with any amount of cvs update.

> .mrg.

Yes, I did wipe out the obj and tools directories.

Last failure was on gmp, which later built successfully as a dependency from 

I was stopped on lang/gcc-aux but succeeded with lang/gcc48.

gnatgcc: error: /usr/pkg/lib/libiconv.a: no such file or directory

libiconv was not listed as a dependency for gcc-aux.

I found converters/libiconv with lib/ in the PLIST, not quite the 
same as libiconv.a .

I guess I need to mention this on .

Now, how to tell the build system to use this gcc48 in place of base gcc?

I think I would have to set HOST_CC and HOST_CXX.  Command line or /etc/mk.conf?

I now have gmp-5.1.3, gmp 3.1.2 and mpcomplex-1.0.1 from pkgsrc, how do I tell 
the system build not to build these redundantly?

I guess math/mpcomplex is called mpcomplex instead of mpc to avoid conflict 
with audio/mpc.

I guess if the base gcc could build mail/mpop, mail/msmtp, www/lynx, 
www/links-gui and lang/gcc48, it was not trashed.

Maybe there is libiconv.a in converters/libiconv?

pkg info -l libiconv shows


but that is on my FreeBSD installation, from FreeBSD ports.


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