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NetBSD on qemu-ppc


I finally managed to get past OpenBIOS and start booting a
NetBSD/macppc (6.1) INSTALL kernel on qemu-ppc (1.5.0 and 1.5.1) by
using a custom ISO image with ofwboot.xcf loader. A regular NetBSD
installation ISO cannot be booted.
The kernel unfortunately hangs/slows down to a crawl before reaching
sysinst, depending on the chosen qemu machine at different stages:

After "nadb0: ADB relative pointing device not configured", the system
seems to hang, but after waiting ~1 minute, it manages to enumerate at
least the disk (wd0), seems very slow/hanging then.

After "nadb0: ADB relative pointing device not configured", disk and
cdrom are enumerated (wd0 and cd0), but hang after that. I cannot tell
if the system is just dead slow, or hanging.

Cannot boot the custom ISO or a regular NetBSD one at all ("Open
Hack'Ware BIOS").

Did anyone got farer than that? According to, qemu-ppc was "untested"
until now. I can provide the custom ISO image (and/or instructions how
to create) if required.
Would be great to run NetBSD on qemu-ppc, too. Have the impression
that not much is missing...


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