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Re: Problems with IPMI and wm? sharing a physical Ethernet port

Masanobu SAITOH <> writes:
>>   Two days ago, I fixed some bugs about BMC (if_wm.c rev. 1.260).
>>   Today I tested with Supermicro X7SPA-HF. This is the same
>> product that the first mail reported. I connected only one
>> Ethernet port "LAN1" to a switch. This port is shared with BMC.
>> The LAN1 port (wm0) works fine.

>  Could anyone test other motherboard which had a problem with BMC?

Unfortunately, the system that caused me to report these problems
is now in production, and I cannot easily test the changes.
Prior to putting it into production I discovered that if I
configured the BMC to use a dedicated VLAN, configured the switch
port as a "trunked port", and then used a different VLAN id for
wm0 in NetBSD, things would actually work.  The IPMI
functionality would then still be available even after NetBSD had
started up.  I probably should have reported this to the
community.  Sorry about that.

I may be able to test your fixes later this year, but it would be
better if someone else, with similar equipment, could test this
before that.
"[P]ostulating that the VAX architecture would be missing any
 instruction `XYZ' is like playing Russian roulette with five
 bullets instead of one."  --  Dave McGuire on port-vax

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