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Re: anita, qemu, xen, building qemu0

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 07:44:11PM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
 > I've used anita a bit, and have a few related questions.
 > 1) It depends on qemu, and defaults to 0.  Is qemu1 generally broken,
 > even on netbsd-6?

That's what I found last week; qemu 1.3.1 did not get through the
install. AIUI we think this is a qemu problem, and IIRC it has
something to do with ACPI.

 > If so, perhaps DESCR should say that.  Or a comment
 > in the py-anita Makefile?  Or perhaps there's a better place.

I don't know.

 > 2) Building py-anita brings in truly vast amounts of packages.   I
 > wonder if it shouldn't depend on qemu, since it can be used with xen.

If you aren't using gnome, set PKG_OPTIONS.SDL=-pulseaudio and it will
help a lot with that.

I think it's also possible to cut back the amount of useless drivel
pulseaudio depends on.

 > 3) Building qemu0 on netbsd-6 i386 failed, filling up /var.  I have gcc
 > 4.5.3, and I'm using ccache.  My /var had 528M free before starting,
 > which seems like it ought to be enough.  For some reason there were two
 > files:
 > [snip]

This doesn't surprise me. I've often found I have to cut back
MAKE_JOBS for building qemu to keep it from OOMing.

David A. Holland

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