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IPSEC does not bring ip_ecn.o into the kernel


I tried building a -current kernel with IPSEC enabled, but with
both the gif and stf pseudo-devices disabled.  The build process
fails when trying to link the new kernel:

 xform_ipip.o: In function `ipip_output':
 xform_ipip.c:(.text+0x419): undefined reference to `ip_ecn_ingress'
 xform_ipip.c:(.text+0x617): undefined reference to `ip_ecn_ingress'
 xform_ipip.o: In function `_ipip_input.clone.0':
 xform_ipip.c:(.text+0xbd4): undefined reference to `ip_ecn_egress'
 xform_ipip.c:(.text+0xd13): undefined reference to `ip_ecn_egress'

Maybe sys/conf/files should be updated so that netinet/ip_ecn.c
is marked as a dependency of ipsec directly (since kame_ipsec
and fast_ipsec seem to be deprecated)?

"... except from the fact that it doesn't work, what do you think about the

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