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Re: New hard disk, copying data

Hi Patrick,

On 05/25/13 23:55, Patrick Welche wrote:

FFSv1 or FFSv2? (dumpfs /dev/rsd0a would tell you just in case)
(so you can choose your primary bootstrap code)
FFSv2, apparently it is the default now! I thought it was used only for large disks.

But a subsequent fsck on the new partition fails:
bash-4.2# fsck /dev/sd0a
** /dev/rsd0a
Invalid signature in boot block: 0000
Sounds like all you need to do is make it bootable.

cf fdisk -i
and installboot
Actually, it was more delicate... stranger. This was through the USB adapter (hence sd*). Once attached to the internal ATA controller, fsck recognizes everyhing correctly. Isn't that strange?

About the performance of this SSD, I wil lreporto separately: I have a mixed experience with the laptop close to freezes of unusability.


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