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Re: dhc* in NetBSD 7.0

In article <>,
Hisashi T Fujinaka  <> wrote:
>> I often use tcsh(1) and sendmail(8) on NetBSD - why are they not in base?
>I thought someone came up with a useful networking reason that required
>both the server and client to get running. tcsh and sendmail aren't
>required for basic connectivity/use and you shouldn't bring up dumb
>examples like those.
>For that matter, we could prune a lot more shells and editors. Learn ex.

A more constructive way to answer this is:

- tcsh was under consideration and still is to replace csh. I think that
  the netbsd csh with some completion added is a better, less bloated
  candidate. I believe the head on NetBSD has command line editing.
  There are bugs in tcsh that are nearly impossible to fix without
  introducing others. I don't want to proliferate this code any more
  and I am the one maintaining it.
- sendmail took a long time to die before it was replaced with postfix.
  being patient and conservative pays off usually because the transition
  is less painful. I've had two people who's configuration did not work
  with dhcpcd and worked with dhclient and I am working with them to
  fix it. I think that it is appropriate to include dhclient in the
  next formal release, and announce that this is the last release where
  we will ship it, to give a chance to people to upgrade.


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