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[solved] Re: evbppc and alpha build breakage, but not in releng autobuild

Mystery solved:  I had forgotten that I also had a few lines in my
mk.conf in a flailing attempt to force the toolchain to use -pipe
everywhere, so that it wouldn't waste time writing to /var/tmp on
disk, since parts of the toolchain don't seem to respect TMPDIR.

   CFLAGS+=     -pipe
   AFLAGS+=     -pipe
   COPTS+=      -pipe

`-pipe' itself didn't cause any problems, but this had the effect of
*omitting* `-O2' from the flags passed to cc, which makes the
difference for these failures.

Debug data stuff was a red herring, and those three lines plus
`MKDEBUG=yes' were really the only lines in my mk.conf; now the only
line is `MKDEBUG=yes', and I have /var/tmp on tmpfs for builds.

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