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Re: evbppc and alpha build breakage, but not in releng autobuild

Taylor R Campbell wrote:
> Good thinking -- I set MKDEBUG=yes in my mk.conf.

Do you also set COPTS=-g?  MKDEBUG shouldn't affect optimization,
only whether the debug symbols go into /usr/libdata/debug or the
binaries themselves.

> Maybe the releng autobuilds should do this too?

As long as we can only afford one set of builds per architecture,
I think it should be with the default settings, whathever they

I do run periodic automated tests of the i386 ports with COPTS=-g
on my personal testbed.  The results are here:

I encourage others to do the same for other ports.  It would also
be helpful to have volunteers running periodic builds with other
non-default settings such as DIAGNOSTIC or LOCKDEBUG, and on
non-NetBSD hosts.

> I don't know how tight we are on space
> for them, but at least the added weight of MKDEBUG=yes has been
> relegated to a separate debug.tgz set now.

Alas, this was done without adding support for installing debug.tgz
to sysinst.  Because of this, I had to *remove* MKDEBUG=yes from my
testbed configuration to get working debug symbols again.

Christos - any progress on fixing that?
Andreas Gustafsson,

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