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Re: evbppc and alpha build breakage, but not in releng autobuild

   Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 09:37:04 -0400
   From: Greg Troxel <>

   Taylor R Campbell <> 

   > Good thinking -- I set MKDEBUG=yes in my mk.conf.  Maybe the releng
   > autobuilds should do this too?  I don't know how tight we are on space
   > for them, but at least the added weight of MKDEBUG=yes has been
   > relegated to a separate debug.tgz set now.

   Maybe, but then the bugs that show up only without MKDEBUG won't happen.
   Really there need to be builds of the power set of options, but of
   course that's infeasible.

Yes, but setting MKDEBUG=yes in the autobuilds has a nontrivial
benefit too: if anyone uses the autobuilt sets and finds a bug, the
debug.tgz set will be available to aid debugging.

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