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Re: Port i386 will not build with MKDTRACE=yes

On Sat, 15 Dec 2012, Paul Goyette wrote:
At the request of Mattias Scheler (tron@), I took a quick look at the build for i386 with ' -V MKDTRACE=yes release'. There is a problem with nbtool_config.h

This should be fixed now.

tools/libelf/Makefile stores things in CPPFLAGS, and then moves the result to HOST_CPPFLAGS, like this:

    CPPFLAGS+= <stuff>
    CPPFLAGS+= <more stuff>
    CPPFLAGS:= # empty

But it's a little more complicated. It also includes ${TOOLDIR}/share/compat/, which appends to HOST_CPPFLAGS. So the overall picture looks more like this, with the part of HOST_CPPFLAGS that was supposed to come from compat/ being lost:

    CPPFLAGS+= <stuff>
    .include ${TOOLDIR}/share/compat/ # sets HOST_CPPFLAGS+=<stuff>
    CPPFLAGS+= <more stuff>
    HOST_CPPFLAGS:= ${CPPFLAGS} # oops, lost the part from compat/
    CPPFLAGS:= # empty

I have changed the errant line to this:


I think a better fix would be to use HOST_CPPFLAGS throughout.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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