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Re: nForce430 /dev/sound0: high-pitched high-volume squeak

        hello.  When you run NetBSD-5.1 on this machine, are you still using
the hdaudio(4) driver or are you using the azalia(4) driver?  Is the
azalia(4) driver available in NetBSD-6?  If so, does that make your sound

On Dec 6,  2:13pm, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
} Subject: nForce430 /dev/sound0: high-pitched high-volume squeak
} Hi. On my machine 
}   cat sound.wav > /dev/sound
} produces a high-pitched high-volume squeak and low-volume sound.
} dmesg and pcictl output is below. Any ideas?
} I'm running 6.0/i386. 5.1/amd64 worked fine on this machine.

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