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wapbl panic in NetBSD6

After deleting 100K+ rogue files in /tmp on NetBSD6 ("stable", cvs'd from yesterday),  machine froze with a  panic in 
wapbl_register_deallocation. (Which as a separate matter, was not done in 
/etc/rc.d/cleartmp because the rm * fails due to "too many arguments" - 
changing this to a find -x . -type f would seem wise imho.)

Upon hard reboot - kernel panics in the same place anything is written to /tmp, 
followed by a counting down from 9000 to 0 slowly across the screen then 
rebooting. Trying to rm -r /tmp produces the same thing.

Rebooted into single-user and fsck -Pfy / ; mv /tmp /tmp.o mkdir /tmp; chmod 
1777 /tmp … was the only way I could recover. Can't get rid of tmp.o though.

Maybe automated tests should include creating and deleting 100K+ files from a  
directory… It can happen ;)

 - Greg

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