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Announcing the 3rd NetBSD(fr) Hackathon in Paris - Nov 10 & 11.

Cross-posting to NetBSD-announce, {current, netbsd}-users.


I wanted to inform the NetBSD community at large of the 3rd French NetBSD(fr)

It will take place on the 10 and 11th of November 2012 in
Epita/Epitech, 14-16 Rue Voltaire, 92400 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France, from
10AM till the end of the day. That's on the subway line 5,6 or 7, Place

iMil and I have been dealing with the organization so far.
We intend to not only write/fix some code, but also to run presentations
to let the public
know more about NetBSD and pkgsrc:
- iMil will explain where NetBSD comes from.
- Jean-Yves Migeon, jym@, agreed to do a Xen presentation.
- Emmanuel Dreyfus, manu@, will talk about FUSE on NetBSD.
- I intend to do an introduction to pkgsrc, and probably something
about the various teams I participate in, so people know more of how the NetBSD 
The current planning is to run the different talks on Satruday afternoon.
If anyone else is intersted in doing a presentation, pleae let me (gls@) know. 
And please feel
free to come and discuss with us.

We really hope to make this event a success!


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