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Re: makemandb vs. man.conf's _whatdb

In article 
David Brownlee  <> wrote:
>On 4 September 2012 17:23, Abhinav Upadhyay
><> wrote:
>> Dave Huang <dave <at>> writes:
>> Hi,
>> You can use the -o option of makemandb to optimize the database index,
>> it will save several MBs of disk space. Also, in case of emergency or
>> if you are not much fond of the full text search feature, you can use
>> the -l option of makemandb as well (It won't store an index of the
>> complete content of the man pages, just the NAME section).
>> I will try to investigate what will be the best way to provide support
>> for alternative database locations.
>While it is a usage change maybe -o could be repurposed for output
>file (similar to services_mkdb, to pick another /var/db generator) and
>-O used for optimise?

Please do!


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