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makemandb vs. man.conf's _whatdb

man.conf(5) still documents _whatdb, but is that still used by the new 
makemandb with full text search (or anything else)? It seems that makemandb is 
hardcoded to put it's DB in /var/db/man.db. Also, it seems like there's no way 
to get it to put the DB elsewhere short of a recompile. I'm low on disk space 
on the fs where /var/db is, so I tried symlinking /var/db/man.db and 
/var/db/man.db-journal to another filesystem, but it looks like makemandb 
unlinks them and ends up recreating the DB in /var/db.

Perhaps man.conf needs a keyword to specify the DB path? (Replacing _whatdb if 
that's no longer used by anything).
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