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Re: amd64-current (still?) won't boot (another one)

>>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Bouyer <> writes:

    >> [...]
    >> ahcisata0 channel 0: clearing WDCTL_RST failed for drive 15
    >> ahcisata0 channel 2: clearing WDCTL_RST failed for drive 15
    >> beside that no harddisk was found.

    Manuel> Hello, can you try an up to date kernel ? I just commited
    Manuel> some workaround for this.

Just build / tried a new actual kernel with your workaround: It fixes
(mostly) the problem: My machine is functioning normally again, all
harddisk are found and run fine.

Small 'but': The mainboards disk activity LED stays always lit !?

Just cosmetics?

Thanks, Markus.

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