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Heads up! amd64 secondary bootstrap broken?

I just started an update of one of my machines, and things are now quite broken!

I updated my bootblocks as well as installing a new 6.99.10 kernel.  I
used the following commands:

        # cp $DESTDIR/amd64/usr/mdec/boot /boot
        # installboot -v /dev/wd0a $DESTDIR/amd64/usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv1

The machine is now dead.  :(

It boots the primary bootstrap and presents the menu. It allows me to boot memtestplus (from an old install!). However, when trying to boot either the old or new NetBSD kernel, it gets as far as trying to mount the root file system, and stops with

        boot device wd0
        root on wd0a dumps on wd0b
        cannot mount root, error = 79
        root device (default wd0a):

Of course, I'm using a USB keyboard which isn't working at this point, so I can't try much of anything else.

I'm going to pull the drive out of the machine and use another box to reinstall a working bootxx_ffsv1, but I want to give folks a heads-up that there might be some breakage here.

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