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X not recognizing graphics card on a specific motherboard

I've got a strange problem, here...

My home workstation used a motherboard with an Intel 64-bit CPU and chip
set, and an Nvidia-based graphics card, and was happily running Xorg
with no xorg.conf, using NetBSD-current.  Then the motherboard died, and
I swapped the disks and graphics card onto another one, this time with a
64-bit AMD CPU and an Nvidia chip set.  All is fine - but X won't work.
It doesn't find the board any more.  '/usr/X11R7/bin/Xorg -configure'
finds nothing.

Just for kicks, I tried running '/usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86 -configure'.  It
finds the board just fine, and generates a config file.

Nothing has changed, except the motherboard itself.  The kernel output
at boot, announcing the graphics controller, is unchanged, except for
the number of the PCI slot it's in.

Any ideas would be appreciated.  Here are links to old and new dmesg
output, output from '-configure' runs of X11R6 and X11R7, and the R6
config file.

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