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Re: configuring live images

On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 7:37 PM, David Brownlee <> 

> I think that would be a quite excellent idea. I would go so far as to
> say that we should try to provide both tailored xen images and
> specific install instructions for some hosting providers.

Yes, I agree.  I've been "out of the loop" for so long that I only
have vague notions on how to proceed, I'm afraid.
Well, that's not entirely true; I know what I'd need for installing on
_my_ current provider, and I've read documentation for several others.
 It's the actual work that we're talking about here that I'm more
confused about. ;-)

There are myriad different requirements and strategies for each
provider, but they can be classified by configuration scheme and
associated idiosyncrasies.  For instance, my provider, who uses a
linux xen4 dom0 and pv-grub, seems unable to grok UFS2.  Another

See how they refer to /dev/xvda under linux?  Mine isn't so gracious;
I only get /dev/xvda1; there is no device to fdisk.

Moreover, is the place to support individual providers in the source
tree, or in pkgsrc [a la amazon-ec2]?

More musings forthcoming ... ;-)


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