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Re: Problems with packages on a netbsd-6 sparc

On 18/05/2012 5:33, Mouse wrote:
    Fourth problem:

    The mail got stuck in [my] mailq saying "Connection reset by".  A manual run of the mailq reveals that it seems to be
    under the impression I'm a spam sender:


Now, I am - or at least was - listed by SORBS, because I refuse to
    consider their abuse attempts anything but, well, abuse attempts.
    And there are still a few places left that block based on SORBS.
    So I tried from [that workplace's mailserver]:

    [(hostname)] 1> telnet smtp
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 ESMTP spamd IP-based SPAM blocker; Tue Nov
1 16:33:00 2011
    helo (mailserver's FQDN)
    250 Hello, spam sender. Pleased to be wasting your time.

    I didn't bother going any further, since it seems to be of the
    opinion that [that mailserver] is a spam source too [...].

This is rich coming from someone who blacklists whole domains purely because
they don't fit into their world view:

Maybe you annoyed them as much as myself and just injected you and all you
embody into their generic spam reject pool.

At least I can take some small satisfaction in that you just gave up.
Maybe one day you'll give up blacklisting my valid for years email address
(well, to the rest of the world anyway), but I suspect we'll run out of
IPv6 addresses before that happens.



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