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Re: configuring live images

I wrote:

> > I have found it useful to configure at least parts of the contents of
> > live images produced with the 'live-image' target of  In
> > particular, I have found it useful to configure the exact MBR bootcode
> > and the installboot options.  Consequently, I suggest (something like)
> > the attached patch as a means of allowing greater flexibility.
> Looks good, but I'd like to:
>  - add a new variable MBR_BOOT to specify MBR bootcode passed to fdisk(8)
>    rather than reusing current USE_MBR because there are several ports
>    which require MBR partitioning but no MBR bootcode
>    (only amd64/i386/landisk have mbr bootcode)
>  - use explicit INSTALLBOOTOPTIONS rather than BOOTOPTIONS
> I'll commit the similar changes if no further opinions.


Izumi Tsutsui

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