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Re: mplayer hangs the system requiring h/w restart

On Thu, 19 Apr 2012 07:34:04 +0530
Mayuresh <> wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 12:13:13AM +0400, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
> > > Steps to reproduce: run a video in full screen mode with mplayer and use
> > > right arrow to skip contents, particularly when the video is close to the
> > > end of the track.
> > >
> > > The video and audio starts looping continuously over the last one odd
> > > second part of track. No key or network port or even power button now
> > > responds and only way out is h/w restart.
> > 
> > Does it freeze or does it panic (e.g. PR 45833)?
> It freezes and keeps playing about a second of video repeatedly. I have
> set ddb.onpanic, though it doesn't fall to ddb.

It might depend on hardware, but here I've heard audio loops still play
at the event of a panic, yet the video would freeze completely.

Is your kernel compiled with the VGA_POST option?  If so, you could try
typing  call ddb_vgapost  which if in ddb should allow to restore text
mode.  From there, the panic message should be available via the
dmesg  command, and a backtrace from the  bt  command (sorry if this is
obvious to you but didn't work).

It'd also be nice to verify if you can still ssh to that system when
it's frozen, in which case it might only be an X11 related issue...


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