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Re: mplayer hangs the system requiring h/w restart

Mayuresh <> writes:

> Am having this problem, fairly reproducible.
> NetBSD 6.0 BETA (snapshot over a month old) on i386
> mplayer 1.0rc20100913nb11 (shouldn't matter, it's a system issue)
> X11 native
> Steps to reproduce: run a video in full screen mode with mplayer and use
> right arrow to skip contents, particularly when the video is close to the
> end of the track.
> The video and audio starts looping continuously over the last one odd
> second part of track. No key or network port or even power button now
> responds and only way out is h/w restart.
> I think, no matter whether mplayer has a bug or not, system should not
> hang this way.
> Has anyone faced this? Have any recent updates in NetBSD 6 fixed anything
> that may relate with this?

Does it freeze or does it panic (e.g. PR 45833)?


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