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Re: Sysinst default root login shell


Johnny Billquist wrote:

So I guess you are constantly logged in to root, and do all your work there. Furthermore, you indiscriminately copy-paste complex shell scripts to your prompt, instead of having them in a file.

I guess I'll continue to disagree, but then again I disagree with a lot of things happening today, so I'll probably just give up on this. Where can one find a proper BSD system these days?
:) ... csh should be the default fro root and each user! But also OpenBSD betrayed its roots.

What I do wonder howver is why for csh (like root currently) autocompletion is not turned on. History neither (well, that perhaps for security reasons?). I always need to remember to enable it, or I hit "esc" or "!!" without success...

But as a user I always use tcsh. It has the correct way of piping stderr and stdout (bash? come on) but is handier for editing once all your temrinal emulation is set up.. like cursor keys, etc.


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