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Re: Sysinst default root login shell


Matthew Mondor wrote:
I agree.

I respect that some users prefer csh, but noone proposed to remove it,
only to change the default selection.  For technical reasons, many
prefer sh, and I doubt that Linux has anything to do with it (please
forbid my short history research results):

The Bourne shell (1977, AT&T Version 7 Unix) was the inspiration for
ksh (Bell Labs, 1983), which in turn has inspired POSIX 1003.2 and
1003.2a requirements for shell.  Our shell seems to be a Bourne SVR4
variant shell clone (Almquist, 1989), that has evolved to include some
POSIX ksh-like features and improved interactive features.

I have no authority, but since opinion was requested, mine is that
/bin/sh as a default root shell makes sense for a modern NetBSD.
Well, but for me "BSD" is synonym for csh, (although admittedly, I use tcsh mostly), VI, tcp sockets. When Darwin / MacOS-X changed the default shell I felt betrayed as when they changed CPU architecture...
Just my two cents of course.


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