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Re: TESTERS WANTED: audio drivers


I tried btsco audio with sources about a week old.

I found that it doesn't work it drops me into ddb with Mutex error locking 
against myself.  I don't know how to save the output because the only thing I 
can do is reboot but I will type out the entire screen if necessary.

This would happen with diagnostic and regular kernels.

I managed to get it to work again but that was by commenting out all the locks 
which I know is a bad Idea/counter productive .  Although in the interim 
commenting out locks in btsco_sco_disconnected, btsco_sco_complete and 
btsco_sco_input and replacing them with splaudio/splx as in previous versions 
didn't work and it still had the same error.

I will provide more information as necessary.



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