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bluetooth headset and recording


I have recently purchased a very cheap bluetooth headset and I'm experimenting 
with it in NetBSD.

I have set up the config correctly hw.ubt0.config=2, btconfig scomtu=48 and 
bthset.  I can see that the volume buttons work and the call button (I think 
that's what it's called ) works.

I can play audio using audioplay to the headset.

Using mplayer I can play audio to the headset with oss and sun modes.
However in sun mode if you skip audio by pressing right arrow or down arrow 
the audio output stops and never recovers, but it does in oss mode.

I cannot record using audiorecord noting gets recorded.  Catting the device 
the data is all <FF> apart from the header and hcidump shows all zeros for 
the data packets.

Funny thing in kde with arts rec or krec once arts has been set up (16 bits 
8000hz) it works and hcidump shows data in data packets.  I am assuming 
that's because arts is working in oss mode as with mplayer.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Have  I skipped a step?

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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