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Re: Fix for kern/20700

        Hello.  Yes, I'm aware of that issue, and have been thinking about how
to addressit.  Manuel's comment that media 1000baset is an alias for media
auto is correct, but my take is that it is still an improvement over the
existing state of affairs, especially the fact that if you configure
1000baset and reboot, everything will appear to work because the port
negotiates link between the time the driver configures the chip and the
time ifconfig is run as part of the rc scripts process.  But, if you then
unplug the cable, or reset the port, you lose link and it will never return
without manual intervention.
        However, having said that, I can certainly augment the patch to bring
link down if it doesn't match the requested speed.  Since Nway negotiation
is required for 1000-base-T connections, I'd probably set tings up to work
regardless of the requested duplex, just so a user wouldn't be completely
dead in the water and so it behaves more like 100-base-T connections do

On Dec 1,  3:25pm, David Young wrote:
} Subject: Re: Fix for kern/20700
} On Thu, Dec 01, 2011 at 01:15:54PM -0800, Brian Buhrow wrote:
} >     Hello. I've written a patch which addresses this bug and submitted it 
to the pr.
} > If no one objects, I'll commit this patch in a few days and request a
} > pullup to the 5.x branch.  If there are objections, I'm happy to discuss
} > and/or incorporate a better fix.  This fix works quite well in my case.
} >     If you're interested in a greater analysis and discussion of
} > thisissue, see:
} >
} In the kern/20700 discussion, Manuel Bouyer mentions that 'media
} 1000baseT' behaves like 'media auto', so NetBSD may negotiate '1000baseT
} full-duplex' or '100baseTX full-duplex'.  The latter result would be a
} very big surprise.  Maybe someone can help fix that before the patch is
} committed.
} Dave
} -- 
} David Young
}    Urbana, IL    (217) 721-9981
>-- End of excerpt from David Young

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