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Re: Automated email notifications of NetBSD-current build failures

Thomas Mueller wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > The scripts generating those web pages also have the capability to
> > generate email notifications of build failures.  I have been testing
> > this facility for some two years now by having the notifications sent
> > only to myself, and I think it is now mature enough for production
> > use.
> How would this compare to the build results viewable on
> ?

These are two separate sets of periodic builds with different goals,
run by different people.

The builds at <{port}/> are done
primarily for the purpose of running automated tests, for select ports
where we have that capability, and only for the CVS trunk, not release

I'm not really the right person to speak for the builds at
<>, but I believe their
purpose is to provide downloadable install sets for all ports and a
variety of release branches.

In principle, it would be possible to do email notification based on
either set of builds, but I'm proposing using the former because those
builds are done more frequently for any given port, which helps narrow
down the failure to a smaller number of commits, and because the code
to do email notification for those already exists and has been
thoroughly tested.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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