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Re: XEN3_DOM0 5.99.55 on grinds to a halt shortly after boot (repeatedly)

On 31.07.2011 01:13, Johan Ihrén wrote:
> AHCI seems to work like a charm (only nuisance was that in AHCI-mode
> the disks were numbered differently). Subjective speed up about a
> gazillion times and now this box performs I expected it to (right now
> quite happily running 28 DOMUs striped across 3 SSDs...).
> But pciide should of course also work so I guess there's still a bug
> in there somewhere?

Yes, there is one, but it's difficult to say where it lies. Interrupt
storms causes range from bad configuration and driver bugs to pure
hardware errors, and it's difficult to say where to look: at least three
parties are involved here, from chipset to hypervisor and dom0 kernel.

All interrupts are typically ACK by hypervisor, which schedules it for
later handling by dom0 on its event channel. I don't know why it keeps
spamming/signaling the dom0 though; it could also depend on a Xen
revision that includes a quirk fix for the chipset, or that pciide(4)
improperly configures the hardware (or need a fix specific to the H67).

> I'd be more than happy to help with further
> testing if anyone wants to look at that (except next week when I'm
> offline for vacation). This box is intended for testing.

Well, I am about to be offline for vacation for two weeks too, so  good
timing :)

> Jean-Yves: Many, many thanks for your quick help.

You're welcome.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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