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VGA_RASTERCONSOLE, VT switching and scrollback

As a result of some experiments last night my laptop has two kernels,
one with option VGA_RASTERCONSOLE, one without (NetBSD/amd64 5.99.55,
sources from yesterday).  The kernel configs are otherwise identical.
I observe two differences in their behaviour:
- With option VGA_RASTERCONSOLE, scrolling up the terminal with
  Shift+PgUp doesn't work.
- With option VGA_RASTERCONSOLE, VT-switching is broken while X is
  running.  Instead of Ctrl-Alt-F1 showing me the last screenful of
  console output, I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the
  top left corner.  The same goes for accessing ttyE[12] using
  Ctrl-Alt-F[23].  Switching back to my X session still works.

I'm not personally bothered by these, as I have no need of a raster
console.  But if anyone out there uses VGA_RASTERCONSOLE and expects
these things to work, I can devote a little time to running
comparative tests to help with debugging.

Ian Leroux

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