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Re: libusb and kith....


I think one change is the ability to detach a driver and to reattach ugen.
So, for instance, detach uaudio and attach ugen. This sort of thing is
pre-requisite for USB over IP products which I'd love NetBSD to support.

Is another option to have the ugen ioctls work on uaudio (or everything usb
actually) instead? Detach is easy, but re-attaching ugen is not quite.

This approach would allow for support of only one (admittedly very common)
usage case, namely libusb.

I can easily envision cases where you'd want to have the possibility to
attach different drivers to one device depending on its usage.

E.g., the openmoko debug board has some ft2232 chip on it, which is supported
by the uftdi driver which then exports the (in this case) two ports of the
chip as serial devices via the ucom driver.  However, one of the ports is
wired for JTAG, so the uftdi driver is useless for this.  Making things worse,
the uftdi driver currently attaches to the whole device at once instead of
to just one interface at a time.  I've got a fix for the latter, but didn't
come around (yet?) to actually write a driver for the jtag part.

All in all, I'd much rather prefer for the usb subsystem to support
detaching a driver and reattaching the device with some other driver
under command control (which could be ugen in order to support libusb).

--                         Wolfgang Solfrank

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