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Xen kernel broken for me

Couldn't decide if it was more appropriate for ports-xen or
current-users.  I figured current-users since it's more to do with the
-current branch than xen, maybe.  I'm not sure, so apologies if anyone
feels this is in the wrong place.

on July 9th, I ran cvsup on my src tree, and rebuilt the XEN3-DOM0
kernel.  At the time I was using a slightly customized kernel
configuration based on the stock XEN3-DOM0 kernel config.  Mine just
turned off some debugging and tracing.  The server never came back up
after rebooting the server with the new kernel and, the majority of
the events with that are irrelevant at this point.  Eventually, I got
a hold of some new hardware and have been attempting to install
XEN3-DOM0 on it for about 2 days.

I've ran cvsup's on July 9th, 10th, & 11th and essentially the
     /usr/src/sys/arch/amd64/conf/GENERIC kernel seems working on my
system, just for a comparison.  It works fine.
     /usr/src/sys/arch/amd64/conf/XEN3_DOM0-GENERIC kernel is broken.
I can't provide much debugging information.  All I can tell you is the
datacenter says "The screen shows a white underscore (_) blinking on
the screen, and nothing ever happens."

I backed up the NetBSD src up a bit and June 25th was also showing the
same behavior.  At this point, I ditched my real hardware (I'm pretty
sure at this point my datacenter was ready to throw me to the curb
after 10-15 manual reboots and 3 reinstalls in a matter of days).  I
setup a NetBSD domu running HVM, and then tried a variety of Xen Dom0
kernels (under this HVM).  I tracked it down to something between 5/30
and 6/05 that "broke" my hardware.  I could be wrong, but this seems
to be the case.

That is, the kernel that came with the source from 6/05, 6/10, 6/25,
6/30, 7/9, 7/10, 7/11 and HEAD as of sometimes about 9AM today, the
14th, is non-working for me.  They all have the same behavior as
mentioend above: GENERIC work, the XEN3-DOM0 kernel does not.  Once
again, so far all the datacenter techs can tell me is "it shows a
blinking underscore (_)" and never boots. -- this was all on the i7

The i5 is running right now on a kernel from 5/30 or so.  I'm waiting
for the datacenter to reboot my box into the generic kernel again and
I'm going to test the i7 with the source from 5/30.

Is anyone else experiencing issues?

My original hardware was 2.8GHz i5 760 with 8GB of RAM.
My newer hardware is a 2.93GHz i7 870 with 16GB of RAM.

Please excuse any ignorance encountered in the above.  Thanks,


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