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HEADS UP: atf-0.14 imported

Dear users,

ATF 0.14 has just been imported into NetBSD-current.  This update is
pretty minor and should not cause any problems.  However, if you
experience any glitches, please let me know.

The changelog for this release:

* Added a pkg-config file for atf-sh and an aclocal file to ease the
  detection of atf-sh from autoconf scripts.

* Made the default test case body defined by atf_sh fail.  This is to
  ensure that test cases are properly defined in test programs and helps
  in catching typos in the names of the body functions.

* PR bin/44882: Made atf-run connect the stdin of test cases to
  /dev/zero.  This provides more consistent results with "normal"
  execution (in particular, when tests are executed detached from a

* Made atf-run hardcode TZ=UTC for test cases.  It used to undefine
  TZ, but that does not take into account that libc determines the
  current timezone from a configuration file.

* All test programs will now print a warning when they are not run
  through atf-run(1) stating that this is unsupported and may deliver
  incorrect results.

* Added support for the 'require.files' test-case property.  This
  allows test cases to specify installed files that must be present
  for the test case to run.

Julio Merino / @jmmv

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