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Re: raidframe performance question

On Thu, 12 May 2011, Dave Burgess wrote:

Excellent work - this is what I was hoping for. It also explains why I've gotten such spotty performance on the raid set I've created in the past.

I'm glad you find it useful!

There were a couple of typos in the original post. I'll be happy to make the updated text available to anyone who wants it.

Step 3 refers to "copy of the d partition" but should refer to the c partition. The example is correct.

Step 8 refers to "Step X above" - it should refer to Step 2

Step 2 should include the following example:

   When finished, this is what my drive reports:

        Partitions aligned to 16065 sector boundaries, offset 63

        Partition table:
        0: NetBSD (sysid 169)
            start 2048, size 976771120 (476939 MB, Cyls 0/32/33-60801/80/63),
                PBR is not bootable: All bytes are identical (0x00)
        1: <UNUSED>
        2: <UNUSED>
        3: <UNUSED>
        Bootselector disabled.
        First active partition: 0

   (The "PBR is not bootable" line will not appear if you later use
   installboot(8) - see step 12 below.)

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