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external/bsd/bind make expecting libs in source tree?


I tried to build external/bsd/bind with debug options, to look into dig and nsupdate busy-looping on sparc. I got

% pwd
% env NAMED_DEBUG=1 USETOOLS=no make dependall


#     build  libbind9/libbind9.a
rm -f libbind9.a
ar crs libbind9.a `NM=nm lorder check.o getaddresses.o version.o | tsort -q`
#     build  libbind9/libbind9_p.a
rm -f libbind9_p.a
ar crs libbind9_p.a `NM=nm lorder check.po getaddresses.po version.po | tsort -q`
#     build  libbind9/libbind9_pic.a
rm -f libbind9_pic.a
ar crs libbind9_pic.a `NM=nm lorder check.pico getaddresses.pico version.pico | tsort -q` make: don't know how to make /u1/netbsd-developer/src/lib/libpthread/ Stop

make: stopped in /u1/netbsd-developer/src/external/bsd/bind/lib/libbind9
*** Error code 2

-- why does a "make all" expect other build products (here: in the tree, instead of looking into /usr/lib? ISTR this used to just work. Or, which variable incantation did I miss?


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