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Re: vlan interface is not added to bridge0 on system startup

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 05:13:42PM -0400, Chris Ross wrote:

>   I'm totally not involved in this conversation, but I have to say,
> "Ew".  That's just too much work to avoid a very good, although
> imperfect, system.

Heh, I didn't claim it's better or worse ;-)
I've been using much more complicated ifconfig.pppoe* files a lot
(setting passwords, creating tap clones, bridging it all together
and so on)

>   Not that I have bridge interfaces, but.  I think the solution
> within rc.conf is likely sufficient.

It is, but I like to keep the config all together in one place and not
hide the needed dependencies in another file, while splitting up my
necessary config in two line pieces in various files. Imagine you add
another network interface and forget about your explicit string and
wonder why it is not configured.

In the end it is just a matter of personal taste, and we provide lots
of ropes.


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