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Re: [GSoC 2011]: Sysinst alternative interface

2011/4/4 Marc Balmer <>
Rather than a graphical user interface, I would like to see in sysinst:

- A small core in C, driven by Lua, thus making sysinst extensible and
adaptable using Lua.
- The ability to install and configure software from pkgsrc
- More flexible i18n (e.g. using Lua)
- The ability to move backwards in the install process
- Unattended installs
Ok, this looks more like the proposal for the sysinst enhancements, rather than the one for the alternative frontend. So the information on the wiki does not reflect the actually important problems and is not quite up to date.
Part of these changes (Lua, pkgsrc) we have already done at micro
systems and we plan to eventually committ these changes to NetBSD-current.
So than the possible decision would be to wait until this is commited and then formulate the set of goals.
This is, imo, not doable in one month of time only.
Now i think you are correct. I think it will be better that i spend this year gaining more experience with BSD systems and NetBSD in particular and prepare for the next GSoC in advance to come up with my own proposal instead of picking something last minute..
How will that be faster than a text based install?
No way will it. The only thing faster than a text based install can be the completely unattended installation.
So thank you for giving an insight into the current development plans, I'll take my time to get more familiar with NetBSD.

Also, my mail seemed to be delievered with quite a large delay, so I sent another one from hotmail, so please excuse me for that and ignore it..
Regards, Alexander

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