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Re: [HEADS UP] acpicpu(4) enabled in x86 GENERICs

On Fri, Apr 01, 2011 at 02:39:35PM +0200, Christoph Egger wrote:
> acpicpu0: id 0, lapic id 0, cap 0x0000, flags 0x00117a37
> acpicpu0: P-state coordination: 1 CPUs, domain 0, type SW_ANY
> acpicpu1 at cpu1: ACPI CPU
> acpicpu1: id 1, lapic id 1, cap 0x0000, flags 0x00017a33
> acpicpu1: P-state coordination: 1 CPUs, domain 1, type SW_ANY
> acpicpu2 at cpu2: ACPI CPU
> acpicpu2: id 2, lapic id 2, cap 0x0000, flags 0x00017a33
> acpicpu2: P-state coordination: 1 CPUs, domain 2, type SW_ANY
> acpicpu3 at cpu3: ACPI CPU
> acpicpu3: id 3, lapic id 3, cap 0x0000, flags 0x00017a33
> acpicpu3: P-state coordination: 1 CPUs, domain 3, type SW_ANY
> estd changes the frequencies and works fine. But I cannot see
> which core is in which P-State.

Indeed these new AMD CPUs can do per-core P-states. We do not support that
though, so the driver works pretty much as the older est(4) and powernow(4),
i.e.  all cores/CPUs use the same frequency. But the per-CPU/core states,
C-states, user interfaces, MI APIs, etc. are something to look forward to
after the 6.0 release.

- Jukka.

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