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[HEADS UP] acpicpu(4) enabled in x86 GENERICs


I have enabled the acpicpu(4) driver by default in the i386 and amd64
GENERIC kernels. Please test on anything ranging from high-end MP servers
to cheap Atom netbooks.

It is likely that the provided CPU power management does not work properly
on some corner-case systems. Unfortunately, there is not much we -- or anyone
else -- can do besides complain to vendors. However, if the new acpicpu(4)
does not work but the older powernow(4) or est(4) works, we can prevent such
systems from loading the new driver. Please report all such cases.[1]



[1] A typical BIOS bug was analysed here:

* * *

PS. If you use the third-party estd(1) and notice errors like the one below,
    these are harmless and are caused by BIOS-based frequency/thermal
    management (it can be disabled by setting 'hw.acpi.cpu.dynamic' to zero).

        acpicpu0: failed to set frequency to 1601 (err 22)

    I will patch estd(1) later.

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