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Re: multimedia keys

On 02/13/11 15:07, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> Hi!
> I've just acquired a new keyboard (Cherry G230), and it comes with 6
> multimedia keys (volume -, mute, volume +, back, play/pause, forward).
> However, they don't seem to generate X events -- xev doesn't notice
> them when I press them.
> Any ideas how to use them?
>  Thomas

Check in dmesg which is the uhid device attached to keyboard uhidev and
use usbhidctl in order to see how controls are reported.

e.g. usbhidctl -f /dev/uhidX -lv -a

Now press your special keys and see how are they reported. You should
see something like Consumer:Volume_Up, Consumer:Eject etc. Ignore
Consumer:Unassigned lines. After that create a file containing the
actions. An example would be:

Consumer:Volume_Up      1       /usr/pkg/bin/dcop amarok player volumeUp &
Consumer:Volume_Down    1       /usr/pkg/bin/dcop amarok player volumeDown &
Consumer:Mute           1       /usr/pkg/bin/dcop amarok player mute &

and use usbhidaction -c /your/file -f /dev/uhidX


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